About the NPO Nihoncha Instructor Association

The Nihoncha Instructor Association is a specified non-profit corporation (referred to as a non-profit organization: NPO) established for the purpose of inheriting the historical culture of Japanese tea and to create a new tea culture through activities that enhance the popularity of Japanese tea and contribute to the health of society and the improvement in culture and education from a broader perspective.

Association’s name: Specified Non-profit Organization Nihoncha Instructor Association
Location: 5F, Tokyo Chagyo Kaikan building, 2-8-5 Higashi-shinbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0021 Japan
Chairman of the Board: Hakuo Yanagisawa

Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor Certification Program

In 1999, the Japan Tea Central Public Interest Incorporated Association established the Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor Certification Program for the purpose of developing instructors as points of contact between Japanese tea and consumers in order to convey the correct knowledge of Japanese tea and promote the culture. The Nihoncha Instructor Association has undertaken certification activities since 2007. At present, around 3,000 Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructors (intermediate-level instructors) and around 2,500 Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Advisors (elementary-level instructors) play an active role throughout the country.

About Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructors

Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructors are well-informed persons who have extensive knowledge and skills of Japanese tea, including the history, cultivation, production, brewing methods, and methods of appraisal. They play an active role as working instructors for classes in tea brewing methodology at culture schools, public halls, and elementary schools; support tea events as staff; and operate Japanese tea cafés.

Basic knowledge of Japanese tea

Booklet on Nihoncha (Japanese Tea)